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Virtual Flower Show in July 2020

Our National Garden Club is presenting a virtual flower show. All are invited to enter. Click on the link to see the schedule.

WSFGC Mini Convention/Annual Meeting 

“Welcome to the Burg Where The East Meets West”
Ellensburg, WA
September 29, 30, October 1, 2020
Click on this paragraph heading to reach the Convention Registration Form, Optional Tours Description and Gala Dinner Details. These are all available on our state web site.

Click here to see detailed planning posts from our convention chairman, Dianne Franchini.

Avant Virtual Meeting April 13 2020

See “Exploring History” Digital Prints from this meeting.

Virtual Horticulture Flower Show April 10th

Black Hill District created their first virtual horticulture flower show. An idea evolved, was tossed around and the next thing you know it was out. Click on the link to see all the horticulture entries.

Creative Adventures Flower Show from March 2020

The links will take you to the Black Hills District Web Site to see all of the designs and a full description of each design from this Flower show. It was held in Shelton Wa. A limited number of the designs are shown in the gallery on this web site.