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Imagine That Poem by Joyce Johnson

Imagine That! (poem)

Pioneer women crossed the mountains
And brought their flower seeds,
Into our beautiful country
Where they multiplied like weeds.
They were glad the natural beauty
Of our country was no fable,
But one can't put a tree or mountain
In the middle of the table.

So they planted and they grew flowers
And they traded with each other
As it helped to the ease the loneliness
Far from native home and mother.
They also planted vegetables
To feed their growing families.
Just imagine how very hard they worked
With no kind of modern ease.

They were thankful to their Maker
For the many sunny hours
He sent to keep them busy
With their gardens and their flowers.
We're grateful to these women
And the beauty that they gifted,
And for the clubs they organized
To keep their souls uplifted.

Today we dedicate ourselves
To the same pursuit of beauty.
Raising flowers and sharing them
Is a lot more fun than duty.

By: Joyce Johnson 2/25/16