Creative Adventures Flower Show – March 2020

Goto the Black Hills District Web Site to see all of the designs and a full description of each design.! A limited number of the designs are shown below. In addition, Black Hills has pictures from their Virtual Horticulture Flower Show dated April 10th 2020.

The Creative Adventures Flower Show was held March 9-10 2020 in Shelton WA. The show displayed a variety of outstanding design types. Attendance was somewhat limited due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Pictures here are provided by Jean Pass.

Click once on any picture to see full size. Comments may be added when in full screen mode. Press the ESC key to exit full screen mode. Email me for corrections, names or updated pictures. (

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  1. June Ann Hassebroek says:

    Thankful for these terrific designs! Glad for a rainy day so I took the necessary time to really look closely and feel the artistic story each evoked.

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