2023 January ECHO

In this ECHO EXTRA you’ll find information and 7 attachments for the upcoming events listed below. I know there’s a lot of attachments and I did get a message from hotmail that it was big and sharing on One Drive might be better; I haven’t done that before but if you’d prefer things that way I think my daughter would be able to help me.  Let me know if that’s the way you’d like it.  They also should be up on our elwd.org website soon.  I tested sending this with a friend and she mentioned it looked different when she looked at it on her phone and like I’m seeing my copy when she saw it on her computer. So hope you’re able to see everything – let me know if you have issues with it.  Also, If you have any questions about things, let me know – if I can’t answer, I’ll find someone that can.

Your not so techie Mailout Chairman,

Joyce Voldal

ECHO EXTRA – EVENTS January 21, 2023

January 30 – ELWD Board Meeting at the BBG,  Aaron Education Center, open to us at 9:30, meeting starts at 10,  any club member is welcome to attend ELWD Board Meetings. Attachment ELWinvite

February 27 ELWD General Membership Meeting St Andrew’s Lutheran in Bellevue.  Also Attachment ELWinvite. All club members encouraged to attend – WSFGC President, Anne Sullivan will join us and we will have artist, Aranca Ehrenwald , showing some of her beautiful work using things from nature (note from Joyce: she’s a friend and her work is amazing). Also we’re wanting some members with hobbies or crafts to display – show off your talents – contact Gale Baullinger, gale5904@aol.com or 425-643-2722 if you’d like to participate.   More GMM details later.

March 6-8 National Garden Club’s Flower Show School 2 in Tacoma. Attachment FSSII registration form. The schools do not need to be taken in order so you can start now. The deadline to register is February 20; late registration is possible but there’s an extra fee.   More information about all NGC schools can be found on their website:  http://www.gardenclub.org and our state web site http://www.wagardenclubs.com .

April 17-20  Pacific Region Convention in Lynnwood.   Attachments :

WG&D2WACONIAHPR Convention Speaker Information

Tour info with pics Tullip fields tour Information

PRCon2023TentativeSchedule Conference Schedule

Registration Form. Complete this form to attend the conference.

Lana Finegold, former ELWD District Director, WSFGC State President and now Pacific Region Director encourages our members to attend any or all of this convention.  Since it’s near our district, commuting would be possible or staying at the hotel can be fun – you’ll be meeting members from other states in the Pacific Region (WACONIAH – can you name these states?). Business meeting parts of the convention are mainly for state officers and chairmen but you can register part time and chose the meal(s) with speakers you’d like to hear.  As a member of WSGFC we get a little break on the registration fee because we are the host state this year.  If you have any questions about things, let me know – if I can’t answer, I’ll find someone that can.

June 5-8 Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs Convention in Olympia. Attachment 2023 Convention Flyer – Save the date message – more info wil come out later.

Joyce Voldal, Mailout Chairman

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