ELWD Officers

About East Lake Washington District

ELWD is composed of 10 garden clubs on the east side of Lake Washington.  It also has two design groups that members can be part of.  To inquire about visiting or joining one of these clubs email info@elwd.org

Officers 2021 -2023
Theme: Renew, Branch Out, and Bloom

Director : Linda White, Hilltoppers Garden Club

First Assistant 2021-2022      Marie Waller
First Assistant 2022-23         Jean Pass (AVANT)
Second Assistant:                    Cathy Williams, Issaquah, Garden Club
Recording Secretary                Joy Jackson, Issaquah Garden Club
Treasurer:                                 Gale Baullinger, West Sammamish Garden Club
Dues-Secretary :                      Krystal Kaald, West Sammamish Garden Club           
Parliamentarian:                      Elaine Pinkerton, West Sammamish Garden Club
Corresponding Secretary:       Linda White, Hilltoppers Garden Club
Past District Director:              Marti Bolcer, Terra Tillers Garden Club
Lana Finegold,                           Sherwood Forest Garden Club

ELWD Standing Committee Chairs

Arbor Day                              June Ann Hassebroek; Issaquah Garden Club
Bellevue Botanical Garden Coordinator   June Ann Hassebroek; Issaquah
Membership                         Cathy Williams, Issaquah Garden Cub
Newsletter/website www.elwd.org
            ELWD Echo Editor
            ELWD Echo & Extra Mailout     Joyce Voldal; Willowmoor Garden Club
 Webmaster: Marianne Wilkins; Pine Lake Garden Club
Nominating Committee    ELWD  Gale Baullinger; West Sammamish Garden Club
Nominating Committee – WSFGC: Delegate:    Gale Baullinger
                                                           Alternate:   Lana Finegold
Photographer                      Charlene Trent-Lewis; Hilltoppers Garden Club
 Properties                           Lana Finegold; Sherwood Forest Garden Club
                                                 Debbie DeFilipps; Issaquah Garden Club
Reservations                         Joyce Voldal; Willowmoor Garden Club
Scholarships                         Linda Thompson; Hilltoppers
Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Lana Finegold; Sherwood Forest Garden Club
Speakers List                         Mary Deviny; Terra Tillers Garden Club
Washington Native Plant Society Janet Wall; Issaquah Garden ClubYouth Activities        
 Youth Activities                    Diane Tanner; Issaquah Garden Club
                                                  Lana Finegold; Sherwood Forest Garden Club
Zoom Facilitator                   Joy Jackson; Issaquah Garden Club

East Lake Washington District Director Linda White and husband John are proud human parents of four cats who help them constantly. The little black cat, Gemini, is mother to the triplets, the Boone Boys, Danny, Jesse, and Squire. Yes, they were born in Defiance, the retirement home of Daniel Boone