2024 Jan Avant Assemblage Design

“Assemblage Design a three dimensional abstract design, consisting of “found” unrelated
objects and plant material.

  1. “Found” objects are non-art objects, not made or manufactured for decorative purposes.
  2. “Found” objects may be painted but should remain recognized and not contrived.
  3. Though objects are considered non-art and previously unrelated, the design creatively relates
    them through their compatible elemental qualities of line, form, color and texture.
  4. Three or more found objects must be greater in proportion than the components.
  5. An assemblage may be self-supporting, staged on a background panel with components
    attached or a combination.”

Handbook for Flower Shows 2017 – Pages 77-78

AI Assistant – Computer generated !

“The content presents a clear and informative guide on creating a three-dimensional abstract design using “found” objects. The inclusion of specific criteria and examples adds value to the post. To further engage readers, consider adding a brief conclusion summarizing key points or inviting them to share their own assemblage designs.

Additionally, integrating a call-to-action encouraging readers to share their creations or experience with following the handbook’s guidelines could enhance community interaction and provide inspiration for future posts.”