Festival of Color Top Awards 2021

    Review of Festival of Color, ELWD FS 7/31 – 8/1/21 Entries, Top Awards & Blue Ribbons (104 entries)

DIVISION I- Horticulture

Color Excitement – ELWD Best Horticulture Award – Gale Baullinger – West Lake Sammamish

  1. Color Symphony- Annuals
  2. Flowering –  (8 entries) Blue Ribbons – 2 Lana Finegold , Sherwood Forest, Joan Harris, Issaquah, Gale Baullinger, W. Lk Sammamish
  • Foliage – (1 entry) Blue Ribbon –Joan Waldeck, Hill & Dale
  • Color Accents- Perennials

a.   Flowering –  (11 entries) Blue Ribbons – Joan Harris, Issaquah, 2 Krystal Kaald  W Lk Samm., Pat Kaald, Hill & Dale & WLS,  Elaine Pinkerton, Willowmoore,  2 Joan Waldeck, Hill &Dale,                  3 Marianne Wilkens, Pine Lake

b.    Foliage  – (15 entries)  Blue Ribbons –  5 Gale Baullinger, W Lk Sammamish, Mary Dahlgren, Hill & Dale,  2 June Ann Hassebroek, Issaquah,  Krystal Kaald, W Lk Sammamish,  Janet Wall, Issaquah,

        3.   Appetizing Color – Edibles

              a.    Fruit – (8 entries) Blue Ribbons – 2 Marti Bolcer, Terra Tillers, Joan Waldeck, Hill & Dale

b.    Vegetable- (8 entries) Blue Ribbons – 4 Joan Waldeck, Hill &Dale,

c.     Herb – (4 entries) Blue Ribbons – 2 Marti Bolcer, Terra Tillers    


Color Magic – ELWD Best Design Award – June Ann Hassebroek – Issaquah

        1.   Color Blends – (4 entries) Blue Ribbon– Gloria Woo, Issaquah

        2.   Diminutive Color- (5 entries) Blue Ribbon – Lenda Sundene, Willowmoor

        3.   Tranquil Color – (4 entries) Blue Ribbon – Dianne Tanner, Issaquah

        4.   Color Essays – (4 entries) Blue Ribbon – June Ann Hassebroek, Issaquah

DIVISION III – Photography

Color Bursts –ELW Best Photo Award, Joan Waldeck, Hill and Dale

          1.  Nature’s Colors (10 entries) Blue Ribbon– Marti Bolcer, Terra Tillers

          2.  A Fusion of Green – (9 entries) Blue Ribbon – Melissa Fruz, Willomoor & ELAWAGS

          3.  Color Me Beautiful – (10 entries) Blue Ribbon– Joan Waldeck, Hill and Dale

EDUCATIONAL (Not Judged) 3 entries, 1. Cathy Williams   2. Lana Finegold   3. Janet Wall

All those who made the FESTIVAL of COLOR happen, in alphabetical order. Hope we did not miss anyone.                                     


Gale Baullinger

Marti Bolcer

Jennifer Brumley

Karen Bukantz

Sally Cadranell

Mandy Carter

Mary Dahlgren

Debbie DeFilipps

Mary Deviny

Alvin Finegold

Lana Finegold

Melissa Fruz

Patty Parker Gillis

Nan Gordon

Joan Harris

June Ann Hassebroek

Leah Jaswal

Joy Jackson

Krystal Kaald

Pat Kaald

Renee Kroese

Georgann Lennon & her sister

Jean Pass

Elaine Pinkerton

Sandra Roberts

Mary Stumph

Lenda Sundene

Dianne Tanner

Charlene Trent-Lewis

Nancy Truscott

Joyce Voldal

Joan Waldeck

Janet Wall

Shadi Wang

Linda White

Cathy Williams

Marianne Wilkins

Gloria Woo

And Cynthia and Nancy from Bellevue Botanical Garden.

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