Convention Planning in May

Convention Planning – What a Ride

By Diane Franchini, 2020 Convention Chairman

I’ve never really been a fan of roller coasters. Their basic foundation structures look a bit shaky to me and I’ve never been fond of gaining incredible high’s just to be plunged into devastating low’s. I try to function on a more even keel. That’s just who I am.

However, we are finding ourselves in an unusual place right now. We’re facing how to return to “a new normal” that may still require maintain social distancing, wearing masks in public, and lots of different ways to live our life to its fullest. The bottom line is safety and exercising caution in every aspect of our lives.

After 2 months of Covid-19 shutdowns, we find ourselves at the top of that steep roller coaster climb ready to take that “stomach-in-my-throat” plunge – right at that point where we collectively hold our breath in uncertain anticipation of what’s to come next.

Charting New Territory for a Convention

Being an obsessive planner and organizer (as well as an unrelenting optimist) I’m pleased to say that the 2020 WSFGC Convention, “Welcome to the ‘Burg Where East Meets West” has been rescheduled so that we can still meet together and catch up with garden club friends from across the state. From the very beginning this has been an “unconventional convention” and it will continue to be molded into a form that will allow us to move forward. It’s bound to look and feel a little different than what we’ve experienced in the past, but sometimes different can be better for everyone.

The New Details

o The dates have been changed with Hotel Windrow to Tuesday, September 29th through Thursday, October 1, 2020. Those who made reservation for the June convention have been contacted and have rebooked for September. Hotel booking deadline is now August 28th.

o The “old” registration form can still be used but a rescheduled form is now available from Diane Franchini at, on the WSFGC website, or in this newsletter. Deadline is now September 15th to register.

o We’ve added a ½ day (September 29th) for the Special Breakout meetings beginning at 1:00 pm, but we did not change the registration package cost or number of meals included. Dinner on the 29th will be “Explore Ellensburg Eateries” allowing for a variety of options on your own or in small groups.

o The Pre-Convention Board Meeting will be held the morning of the 30th but will also include an adaptation of the Fall and Winter Board Meetings. Strange you might say but think of this as a 3 for 1 deal!! Three board meetings + one hotel reservation and one registration = a big savings for our members.

o We may (or may not) be required to add face masks to our garden club attire (think of a glitzy version for the Gala Night Dinner) but even if we are passed that requirement by then we have decided to add a face mask fashion show to one of our lunches. So now’s the time to get crafting or sewing a special garden related face mask and join in our First-ever Face Mask Fashion Show!

o At this time the Tours are all the same as before. We’ve been reaching out to the businesses involved and some are difficult to reach right now but we are looking forward to showing you what Ellensburg has to offer.

o As of right now, the Dedications for a Blue Star Marker in Ellensburg and a Gold Star Marker in Selah have not been rescheduled but we’ll let you know when we are able to hold those prestigious ceremonies.

I think that should provide everyone with enough information and hopefully a reason or two to look forward to the newly revamped and rescheduled 2020 Convention – “Welcome to the ‘Burg Where East meets West.”

Today, I’m trying to find a balance between panic and embracing the chance to slow my pace. I am trying to maintain a little bit of my normal routine – cup of tea in the morning, get dressed, do my hair and makeup (even if I’m just going out in my yard), eat a good breakfast. And I definitely am looking forward to September 29th when we can greet one another and share our stories like never before.

Questions??? Contact Diane Franchini,
May 3rd 2020

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