Festival of Color Update to May 10th 2021

F​E​S​T​I​V​A​L ​O​F ​C​O​L​O​R

Flower Show Planning Meeting May 3rd Zoom Minutes with updates to May 10 2021
Members Present (20) June Ann H, Elaine P, Lenda S, Mary Deviny, Charlene T, Dianne T, Gale Baullinger, Joy J, Linda W, Mandy C, Mary Cathy W, Debbie D, Joan D, Sally C, Shadi W, Dee H, Pat K, Lana F, Jean P, Marianne W.

Place:  Bellevue Botanical Garden Inside or Outside
     Outside: 30×30 foot Gathering Space or   Inside: Education Center

Dates: Outside will be a 1 day show Friday, July 30th 2021- Inside is not confirmed.  Could be 1 ,  2 or 3 days.

Due to Covid 19 we are uncertain if the Education Center will be open. There fore we will plan a show in the outside Gathering area for Friday, July 30th 2021.   This will be a 1 day show.
 Entries and Set Up  8AM – 9:30  AM
Judging 10AM – 12 PM
Open to Public – 12PM- 4PM
Take Down 4-5PM

Schedule:  Lana Finegold, Gale Baullinger, Pat Kaald, June Ann Hassebroek
                4 Classes of Design, 3-4 classes of horticulture  This will be a 1 page schedule (both sides).

Staging and Set up:  Linda White, Jean Pass, Mary Deviny, Mandy Carter, Shadi Wang
                 Includes Division / Table Names – use card stock with zots
                Big Signs, Stage Design Layout

Design Entries – Email Gale Baullinger. Entries must be made in advance.
Design Entry Cards – Gale Baullinger -Template on the web
Design Consultants – Gale Baullinger, Elaine Pinkerton
Design Classification – ????

Photography class – None as outside show
Photography of show and designs: Debbie Defilipps, Charlene Trent Lewis
 Book of Evidence: Mary Stumph
Judges:  Marianne Wilkins Will need 6 judges.  Check Panera Bread for Box lunches.
 Awards: Debbie Defilipps – locate, secure stickers and ribbons
All Agreed to use stickers rather than ribbons for the show.  June Ann would like Best of Show in Horticulture and Best of Show in Design ribbons.

Horticulture Pre Show Consultant: Sally Cadranell
Horticulture Entries: Pat Kaald, Sally Cadranell – provide entry cards
Horticulture Placement: Mandy Carter, Joan Waldeck, Dee Hawks
Horticulture Classification – Sally Cadranell, Joan Waldeck, Mandy Carter
Horticulture entry cards  are in the Web under the education tab.  Members complete their own.  Extras at Entry Desk.

Clerks:  Lenda Sundene will secure 4 clerks – Dianne Tanner, Mary Deviny ( 2 more needed)
Sign In Table with membership Trifolds -Mary Cathy Williams

Next Zoom  meeting Monday June 14th 2021 11:00 AM
Questions or concerns, contact June Ann Hassebroek.

REV 4  F of C Flower Show Minutes May 3rd 2021  Includes Updates to May 10, 2021
Submitted by Marianne Wilkins
Approved – June Ann Hassebroek, Chair

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