Free Zoom Talk to Garden Clubs

From: Northwest Perennial Alliance <>
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2020 1:17 PM
Subject: NPA virtual Garden Tour Talk

My name is Alison Johnson and I am coPresident of Northwest Perennial Alliance.  I am looking to promote NPA with a  presentation on ‘Virtual Tours of NPA Gardens 2020” to fellow garden groups via Zoom. 

 I am happy to present this talk free, to  any of your garden group as its  membership renewal time fro NPA  and we are hoping to attract new members.  I know you can appreciate that  with so many of the usual promotional  avenues closed to us we are hoping to get the word out about our non-profit group to other garden  groups.

 The talk  is  a PowerPoint and video clips of the gardens that were open to NPA members this year, because of the pandemic we videoed and made then made available via Vimeo to our members. 

I then complied a few favorite videos  added some plant picks  and recommendations from each garden and created an entertaining  talk that I think your members will really enjoy and then want to join NPA! 

(I have given this talk to 2 garden clubs around Seattle)
Please feel free to forward this, thank you.
The best way to can contact me is email

Best Wishes 
Alison Johnson

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