Festival of Color Flower Show Flyer/AD Ver 3.2


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Festival of Color Flower Show Schedule ver 6.2


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Festival of Color Update to May 10th 2021

F​E​S​T​I​V​A​L ​O​F ​C​O​L​O​R

Flower Show Planning Meeting May 3rd Zoom Minutes with updates to May 10 2021
Members Present (20) June Ann H, Elaine P, Lenda S, Mary Deviny, Charlene T, Dianne T, Gale Baullinger, Joy J, Linda W, Mandy C, Mary Cathy W, Debbie D, Joan D, Sally C, Shadi W, Dee H, Pat K, Lana F, Jean P, Marianne W.

Place:  Bellevue Botanical Garden Inside or Outside
     Outside: 30×30 foot Gathering Space or   Inside: Education Center

Dates: Outside will be a 1 day show Friday, July 30th 2021- Inside is not confirmed.  Could be 1 ,  2 or 3 days.

Due to Covid 19 we are uncertain if the Education Center will be open. There fore we will plan a show in the outside Gathering area for Friday, July 30th 2021.   This will be a 1 day show.
 Entries and Set Up  8AM – 9:30  AM
Judging 10AM – 12 PM
Open to Public – 12PM- 4PM
Take Down 4-5PM

Schedule:  Lana Finegold, Gale Baullinger, Pat Kaald, June Ann Hassebroek
                4 Classes of Design, 3-4 classes of horticulture  This will be a 1 page schedule (both sides).

Staging and Set up:  Linda White, Jean Pass, Mary Deviny, Mandy Carter, Shadi Wang
                 Includes Division / Table Names – use card stock with zots
                Big Signs, Stage Design Layout

Design Entries – Email Gale Baullinger. Entries must be made in advance.
Design Entry Cards – Gale Baullinger -Template on the web
Design Consultants – Gale Baullinger, Elaine Pinkerton
Design Classification – ????

Photography class – None as outside show
Photography of show and designs: Debbie Defilipps, Charlene Trent Lewis
 Book of Evidence: Mary Stumph
Judges:  Marianne Wilkins Will need 6 judges.  Check Panera Bread for Box lunches.
 Awards: Debbie Defilipps – locate, secure stickers and ribbons
All Agreed to use stickers rather than ribbons for the show.  June Ann would like Best of Show in Horticulture and Best of Show in Design ribbons.

Horticulture Pre Show Consultant: Sally Cadranell
Horticulture Entries: Pat Kaald, Sally Cadranell – provide entry cards
Horticulture Placement: Mandy Carter, Joan Waldeck, Dee Hawks
Horticulture Classification – Sally Cadranell, Joan Waldeck, Mandy Carter
Horticulture entry cards  are in the Web under the education tab.  Members complete their own.  Extras at Entry Desk.

Clerks:  Lenda Sundene will secure 4 clerks – Dianne Tanner, Mary Deviny ( 2 more needed)
Sign In Table with membership Trifolds -Mary Cathy Williams

Next Zoom  meeting Monday June 14th 2021 11:00 AM
Questions or concerns, contact June Ann Hassebroek.

REV 4  F of C Flower Show Minutes May 3rd 2021  Includes Updates to May 10, 2021
Submitted by Marianne Wilkins
Approved – June Ann Hassebroek, Chair

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ELWD ECHO May 15 2021

ELWD ECHO – May 15, 2021 

Director’s Message 

Pandemic Poem   by Lana Finegold 

From pause to possibility, I’m longing for tranquility, 
My world before Pandemic is no more. 
How much is gone, how much lives on 
We only know our gardens grow 
And lucky me, my garden’s out my door. 
My garden does inspire me and every day it tires me. 
And gives me hope and joy to see a fresh new blossom just for me. 
So dig I will and deadhead too, there’s always more than I can do 
But hope and promise strengthens me and I can say decidedly 
A purpose driven garden helps me grow. 
So give your all to gardening. And let it cause your heart to sing 
And may you have success in all you do. 
And may you learn and may you cope and may your garden give you hope 
May blessings rain specifically on YOU.  

Marti and I thank YOU for being loyal to your garden club and the District. And we hope that you remember GREEN MATTERS. May your garden inspire and sustain you. 

ELWD ELECTION of new officers – time to vote 
 There were no further nominations after the earlier presentation of the slate of officers. 
 To vote:  Please send your “Yes/Accept” or “No/Reject” to elect slate as presented to Joyce Voldal, javoldal@hotmail.comThose not voting will be considered yes votes  (Note from Joyce – please show your support for this group by actually casting your vote – those receiving Echo directly from me can “Reply sender”).  Deadline to vote is May 20. The tally will be announced at the virtual GMM May 24. New officers begin their term at the start of our fiscal year, July 1. 

2021-2023 Slate of Officers: 
Director – Linda White, Hilltoppers GC  
First Assistant Director   ELAWAG Designers 2021-2022 and Avant Designers for 2022-2023 (arranges Design Programs) 
Second Assistant Director -Cathy Williams, Issaquah & Terra Tillers GC  (arranges Horticulture Programs) 
Treasurer – Gale Baullinger, West Sammamish & Issaquah GC 
Recording Secretary – Joy Jackson. Issaquah GC 
Dues Secretary – Krystal Kaald Bevel, West Sammamish GC 
Parliamentarian – Elaine Pinkerton, Willowmoor GC 

ELWD General Membership Event – May 24, 1:00 PM 
East Lake Washington District is holding a virtual General Membership Meeting. 

Program:  We will start with a backyard habitat program featuring Ann Kronenwetter who is in Chinook District of WSFGC. Ann is currently PRGC bird chairman and has served in that capacity many years on the state federation (WSFGC)  level. PRGC is the region our state federation is in. Ann enjoys birding and maintains a wildlife backyard that welcomes native birds. Gardening designed to impact wildlife habitat, with trees shrubs and flowering plants, has become an important gardening focus. We want to encourage birds, butterflies, bees and beneficial insects right outside our front and back doors, off our porches and patios. Learn what horticultural practices invite Northwest birds and wildlife into a habitat healthy for them. 

RSVP to Joyce Voldal by May 20, javoldal@hotmail.com. She will send you the Zoom link by May 23 or sooner. 

Note on future General Meetings:  

The new officers and COVID rules will determine whether ELWD can meet in person or will continue virtual meetings. 

ELWD Container Loan Program 

Lana Finegold houses the district container loan program. Anyone interested in borrowing a container, should contact Lana at 425-747-5742. See the District website for pictures of the many containers available, free to borrow. 


NGC: www.gardenclub.org 
Pacific Region: www.pacificregiongardenclubs.org 

WSFGC: www.wagardenclubs.com 
ELWD: www.elwd.org  
Bellevue Botanical Garden: www.bellevuebotanical.org 

Enjoy the lovely weather and hope to hear from you this week, 
Joyce Voldal, ELWD Mailout Chairman 

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ELWD Echo Extra 2/15/202

ELWD Echo Extra 2/15/2021
On behalf of the leadership team, Marti and I hope that you are staying healthy and had a wonderful Valentines Day. And we hope you enjoyed the snow days.
Coming up are some very important ELWD dates.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Be sure to join us Monday February 22, at 1:00 p.m. when we welcome Pacific Region Director Robin Pokorski who will teach us about growing geraniums. Robin has served National Garden Clubs for many years now as a chairman and as an officer. She is a past president of California Garden Clubs, Inc. and she lives in California. Because we are using Zoom for meetings, we can benefit from her expertise all the way from California. Robin is also part of the NGC Leadership team. So we are all in for a treat on Monday February 22 at 1:00 p.m. Do register for this Zoom event.

The first 7 to register with Joyce Voldal who sent you this notice, will win a 2021 Vision of Beauty Calendar. Winners will need to pick up their calendar at the home of Lana Finegold in Bellevue or Cate Mueller in Issaquah. So do remember to register for February 22 ASAP.

WEDNESDAY WORKSHOPS: Pacific Region is sponsoring workshops each Wednesday beginning at 9:30 a.m. Each workshop lasts about one hour with 20 minutes focusing on design or horticulture and 20 minutes on a hot topic. The hot topics cover leadership skills like what to include in minutes or treasurer reports. There is usually a commercial and every workshop includes education, information and humor. To sign up, email Robin Pokorski who moderates each workshop.

April 12 You are Invited to join Avant Designers meeting via Zoom at 11 a.m. The group will be sharing floral designs focusing on one of the design elements. The group meets the second Monday of each month via Zoom during the pandemic pause. To get the Zoom link, register with Marianne Wilkins. The designs are posted each month on the ELWD website.

April 26: Save the date for the ELWD Board Meeting at 1:00 p.m. An agenda will go out to the board which includes club presidents, district officers and district chairmen.

May 24: Save the date for the General Membership Meeting of ELWD at 1:00 p.m.. Ann Kronenwetter will focus on backyard wildlife, pollinators and plants to attract them. Ann has served on the WSFGC Board as bird chairman and on the Pacific Region Board she is Bird Chairman now. She will share a wealth of experience. And we will be giving away more Vision of Beauty calendars.

ELWD NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The committee is composed of Elaine Pinkerton, Mary Deviny, Nan Gordon and Debbie DeFilipps. If you would like to join the committee do call one of the members and volunteer. Anyone may suggest nominees.

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Garden Study School C4 ZOOM

Here are the registration trifold and flyer forms. The trifold contains the schedule and other necessary information. Use either form for registration. If you have any questions about your good standing dates or status please contact WSFGC State Gardening School Chairman Brynn Tavasci at brynn-tavasci@comcast.net.

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Pacific Region Workshop Wednesdays

Presented by Stars from around the Country

Workshops begin via ZOOM promptly at 9:30 a.m. PST. 

Contact Robin Pokorski, PRGCDirector@gmail.com to get on the link distribution list.

  • November 18
  • Presenter:  Gay Austin, NGC President  
  • Topic: Autumnal floral design (advanced)
  • Topic: How to take Minutes
  • November 25
  • Presenter:  Suzy Andrego
  • Topic: Planting with bulbs
  • Topic: How to set a Budget

  • January 6
  • Presenter: Shirley Tetreault
  • Topic: Floral Design Mechanics (basic)
  • Topic: How to set process an amendment to a motion
  • January 13
  • Presenter: Tina Tuttle
  • Topic: Basic Botany
  • Topic: How to Deal with Difficult People
  • January 20
  • Presenter: Judy Newman
  • Topic: Geraniums
  • Topic: How to Schedule a Convention
  • January 27
  • Presenter: Lynn Fronk
  • Topic: Winter floral design (advanced)
  • Topic: When discussing turns to arguing
  • February 3
  • Presenter: Tina Tuttle
  • Topic: 7 Plants that Changed the World
  • Topic: How to set an agenda
  • February 10
  • Presenter: Darlene Newell
  • Topic: Combination Plantings
  • Topic: Treasurer’s Reports
  • February 17
  • Presenter:
  • Topic: Increasing Membership
  • Topic: Email etiquette
  • February 24
  • Presenter:
  • Topic:
  • Topic: Motivating participation
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ELWD ECHO October 2020

Hi Garden Club Members,

I’ve attached the now electronically available for all, Washington Garden & Design; I always love the Horticulture articles by Ellen Rector.   Check out all the ELWD info below. If you register for the Zoom program, you’ll get the invite a couple days before the event; sign up if you think you’re interested and receive the invite – if you decide not to take part, just don’t link up – it’s all okay.   Jon Throne has become a favorite of many of us and it will be interesting to see how his enthusiastic in person presentations translate via Zoom – think we’re in for a treat. We’ve also included a message from Alison Johnson with a free program offer for your club; those of you who Zoomed with us last time enjoyed one of her presentations. I’ve seen some of her other ones and they’re all good.

Stay safe – mask up and socially distance, and PLEASE VOTE

Joyce Voldal, ELWD Mailout Chairman


Save the Date: November 16, 1:00 PM via Zoom

Have we (ELWD) got a treat for YOU!

Jon Throne will regale us with stories and holiday designs at 1:00 PM via Zoom
Register by November 10 with Elaine Fowler at efowler207@aol.com
Elaine will send out the Zoom link by November 14.
Jon owns Countryside Floral in Issaquah on Gilman Blvd and The Royal Bee in Covington WA.

Do you know? Your ELWD nominating committee will begin searching for District officers for the 2021-23 term after Thanksgiving 2020. The slate will be presented at the January meetings with voting in February. Got officer suggestions??? Please contact Lana: lanafinegold@msn.com or Marti:  martib1@earthlink.net  or Elaine: efowler207@aol.com

Notes on the Washington Garden & Design attachment

Do open it and pay special attention to page 4 . Awards begin on page 6 and continue to page 9. Normally we would receive awards at convention. Several clubs are listed as well as our District. Page 10 is where the design section begins and horticulture information is on pages 14 & 15.


Forgot to order a calendar and need some for gifts? Not to worry. A limited supply of the fantastic 2021 Vision of Beauty calendar is available at $5 each. Contact Lana Finegold or June Ann Hassebroek, juneannhas@aol.com


Woodsy Owl is turning 40 in 2021. To celebrate, all posters must feature Woodsy Owl with his message, “Lend a Hand—Care for the Land.” Entries are due to District Chairman Lana Finegold by December 10. Students from K-5th grade are eligible. Email Lana at lanafinegold@msn.com for more information. There were no entries from our District in this contest last year. So please encourage children you know to enter. If you Google Woodsy Owl Poster Contest, you’ll find more information and pictures of winning entries from other years.


Huge THANKS to Carol Galea our ELWD Arbor Day chairman. Because of Carol, ELWD received a sizeable grant from WSFGC. Due to COVID our April Arbor day was postponed and BBG is still not allowed to have work parties. However, the BBG crew will plant a Western Hemlock between the new trail at the Native Discovery Garden and the friendship circle. Nancy Kartes will take pictures of the planting and your Director Team will share those pictures. Planting should happen sometime in November.


ELWD congratulates the following garden clubs for reaching these longevity milestones and for service to their communities. YOU make us proud.

  • Hilltoppers   60 years
  • Terra Tillers   60 years   
  • Willowmoor  35 years

Lana Finegold has the three certificates for the clubs above.

Congratulations to all ELWD Clubs for paying District and State dues on time. If you need anything, call or email Lana , Marti or Elaine. Your Director team is here for you.


Marcus Weichel, grandson of Joy Jackson, Issaquah Garden Club and our ELWD Recording Secretary, won the ELWD pollinator poster contest and his poster was sent to WSFGC where it placed second. See his poster of page 19 of the attached publication.


A Life on this Planet: David Attenborough narrates this 130 minute documentary movie on Netflix focusing on the changes in plant and animal life from David’s early career travel to now.

The Gardener: Garden genius Frank Cabot and his wife Anna P. Cabot developed property in Canada-Les Quatra Vents. This Amazon Prime film is awesome featuring his garden’s history, many garden rooms and at the end of the 154 minute film, we see the plants with their Latin names on screen. His family and others provide the commentary.

ELWD Calendar 2021

January 12 & 13:Gardening School via ZOOM co-sponsored by NGC.
January 18  ELWD Exec 1:00 – 3:00 Zoom
January 25  ELWD Board meeting 1:00 – 3:00 Zoom
February 22  ELWD General Membership programs Zoom : do let us know what format you would like. Perhaps two 45 minute programs with a 10 minute meeting since we need to vote on new officers. 10 am start, 45 minute horticulture program, 10 minute meeting, 45 minute design program or 10 am start with a one hour horticulture program followed by election of new officers or whatever you tell us you want. Marti, Elaine Fowler and I want to hear from YOU.


Be sure to visit our ELWD website: https://elwd.org 

Also, the NGC website has been revised: https://gardenclub.org

Pacific Region website also has a wealth of information: www.pacificregiongardenclubs.org


My name is Alison Johnson and I am Co-President of Northwest Perennial Alliance.  I am looking to promote NPA with a presentation on ‘Virtual Tours of NPA Gardens 2020” to fellow garden groups via Zoom. I am happy to present this talk free, to any of your garden groups as its membership renewal time for NPA and we are hoping to attract new members.  I know you can appreciate that with so many of the usual promotional avenues closed to us we are hoping to get the word out about our non-profit group to other garden groups. The talk is a PowerPoint and video clips of the gardens that were open to NPA members this year, because of the pandemic we videoed and made then made available via Vimeo to our members. I then complied a few favorite videos added some plant picks and recommendations from each garden and created an entertaining talk that I think your members will really enjoy and then want to join NPA! The best way to contact me is email: ajohnson.npa@gmail.com

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Free Zoom Talk to Garden Clubs

From: Northwest Perennial Alliance <ajohnson.npa@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2020 1:17 PM
To: info@elwd.org
Subject: NPA virtual Garden Tour Talk

My name is Alison Johnson and I am coPresident of Northwest Perennial Alliance.  I am looking to promote NPA with a  presentation on ‘Virtual Tours of NPA Gardens 2020” to fellow garden groups via Zoom. 

 I am happy to present this talk free, to  any of your garden group as its  membership renewal time fro NPA  and we are hoping to attract new members.  I know you can appreciate that  with so many of the usual promotional  avenues closed to us we are hoping to get the word out about our non-profit group to other garden  groups.

 The talk  is  a PowerPoint and video clips of the gardens that were open to NPA members this year, because of the pandemic we videoed and made then made available via Vimeo to our members. 

I then complied a few favorite videos  added some plant picks  and recommendations from each garden and created an entertaining  talk that I think your members will really enjoy and then want to join NPA! 

(I have given this talk to 2 garden clubs around Seattle)
Please feel free to forward this, thank you.
The best way to can contact me is email ajohnson.npa@gmail.com

Best Wishes 
Alison Johnson

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Joe Dahlbom Memorial

Memorial from Elawags (East Lake Washington Arrangers Guild) from Linda Oberloh,  (loberloh@aol.com)

Joe Dahlbom

Joseph Arthur  Dahlbom Jr.   July 29,1936 – June 27, 2020 Life memberships in WSFGC, Pacific Region, and NGC. Joe was a member of WSFGC for over 50 years. He served as Director of the Evergreen District and president of several garden clubs in that district. He was in ELWD’s Eastside Garden Club and then joined Willowmoor garden club so he could remain in Elawags. He was an active participant in design and arrangers clubs in Evergreen, Greater Seattle, and East Lake Washington districts. He entered designs in other districts as well as in state shows. His living room walls were covered with ribbons and awards from the fair in Monroe Washington. Longtime the ELWD members may remember “Men at Work” and the “Joe Show” programs for our district. He will be missed but remembered for his great designs and his infectious laugh. Joe requested that any donations in his honor go to: ALL ABOARD ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES ACTIVITY PROGRAM, Founded by Marie Waller (Betty Arnold’s daughter – both long time garden club members active in WSFGC, Evergreen and ELWD districts)  https://www.allaboardwa.org/  Because of present times and conditions any gathering will be postponed for now.

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